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WordPress Project Management Plugins like this

In a kind of overwhelmed state, we wondered if there were any WordPress project management plugins. Our customer was asking for a PM solution; we wanted to provide it, but it was quite a quandary. Here’s what led to the feelings of perplexity. While researching project management software for this long time manufacturing customer, we found myriad project management packages consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements that were difficult to understand. This type of software can run in the cloud or be installed on a computer, and vendors all over the place are offering tons of complicated project management features that probably never get used. UGH!

WordPress Project Management Plugins Exist?

Faced with the possibility of a beast of a task of hand coding their PM solutions it occurred to us that there must already be some WordPress project management plugins. Being so fast and easy, WP would be the preferred method of launch.

The search for WordPress project management plugins proved that some WP PM Software did exist. Begin the comparison.

Upon comparing the various WP themes and plugins for projectmanagement we encountered other unnecessary features. First of all, we didn’t want a WP theme for project management. We had a theme prepared already, and were going to keep it because it was fast and easy to use. That ruled out full themes, and so all we had to do was compare the few WordPress project management plugins that prevail.

By and large, the forums and software comparison sites recommended Project Panorama. There are plenty of favorable reviews for Project Panorama and our contact with that developer went well. We received fast and accurate answers to our probing questions (as developers, we know what to ask). The Project Panorama demo was pretty cool and looked really nice, concise, and above all, useful. Their PM software is well priced too, and that’s important to consider when a customer’s budget is concerned and knowing that there has to be room for us to profit on the installation, configuration, and tweaks*. Oh boy, were there some tweaks. Read On…

WordPress Project Management Plugins Tweaks

Having decided that Project Panorama would fit the bill as a well rounded PM solution for nearly everything a manufacturer & installer would need to monitor tasks and phases of projects, YWPD acquired a copy of Project Panorama for a prototype development. We certainly were easily able to view the steps of moving a job from prospect and bid, right through to installation and follow up. With this PM software our customer would be able to create new projects without having to allow people access to the WP back end. They’d be able to make a new project from scratch or from a template for fast development. Then inside each new one, they could quickly and simply assign tasks to various phases that they stipulate, and track progress with alerts along the way. It’s everything that was needed in a PM solution. Almost.

Some tweaks were required and luckily our WordPress coding ability was up to snuff. The hardest request was for there to be folders that could store image and document uploads.

Project Panorama doesn’t account for the fact that business people want to stay organized. They want to organize the storage of their files logically. In the software, you can upload files into projects, but all of the files just linger up there at the top of the project’s page in the Overview section. Our client wanted to sort stuff as it was uploaded into folders like Bids, Legal Docs &mamp; Contracts, Drafting, Site Photos.

For their PM solution to be ideal for my customer, file uploads needed embellishment. Project Panorama told us that folders would be extremely difficult to implement and wasn’t something that they were undertaking in the foreseeable future.

So YWPD did it.

WordPress Project Management Plugins Folders Extension to Project Panorama

BTW, our screenshot shows a Gantt chart which is available from this other developer.

WordPress Project Management Plugins Customization

We created our own Project Panorama extension if you will; a plugin that enables Document Folders for Project Panorama.

Once we had it working well for our customer, we informed Project Panorama about it and owner Ross Johnson said,

“This is awesome! Love the functionality and I think others will find it useful as well.”

Our client loves what we did for them too.

Purchase Document Folders Extension for Project Panorama

We have decided to offer this functionality to the public to recover the large cost of development of the folder storage functionality. In the screenshot above you can see the top of the project now displays folders that hold the pertinent files. It’s a handy way to categorize the files that are uploaded into a task or a phase instead of just leaving all of the uploads floating around at the top in a list of what all has been uploaded.

WordPress Project Management Plugins like this

As you can see in the screenshot above, anyone can now obtain the ability to upload files into predefined folders.

Hey look at our screenshot below: You can even create new folders on the fly. Instead of choosing a folder from the drop-down, just add a new folder name to store your file into.
WordPress Project Management Plugins Like Project Panorama add folders extension
We tried hard on this plugin development and hope everyone finds it useful.

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