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Follow the YWPD Proprietary 50 Step Process to your SEO success. Find out how YWPD can be Your Web Programming Department and suit your budget.


(SEO) Daytona Beach Search Engine Optimization

Nobody uses Yellow Pages anymore. If someone wants your products, or to know your phone number or address, they search the Web. Your company has to be found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Get search engine optimized to achieve first page rank.


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FREE SEO Analysis and Report

For a limited time, receive a FREE SEO Analysis and Report from YWPD. Our condensed free Search Engine Optimization Analysis Report is a brief analysis and search engine optimization overview of your website and competitors in your market pertaining to search engine ranking and key phrases. We'll also quote an SEO appraisal to point out where you need to improve for better ranking when customers conduct popular searches.


You need to be well listed on search engines. YWPD can achieve that within your budget.

Once your website is found, it better have a good website design. Otherwise, visitors won't believe in you, and will just go on to your competitor's website.

SEO Discovery

YWPD will brainstorm with you to get ideas of key words that people use to search when looking for your products or services.

SEO Keyword Research

We find a large list of pertinent words and combinations that are commonly searched.


We target the most important keywords first. Those that are most profitable come first.

SEO Stages

Your customers search differently when in different stages of the buying cycle. Using relevant context, YWPD focusses different content on those who're ready to buy than on those who are information gathering.

Search Engine Friendly

"Spamming" the search engines, or utilizing black hat techniques, will make you disappear. YWPD optimizes in search engine friendly ways. Our content sticks. Your business thrives.

SEO Writing & Media

YWPD works hard to produce SEO content for your site and distribute it properly, wisely, around the 'Net. We over-deliver.

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  • SEO Reports
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